Rosh Chodesh Sivan / ראש חודש סיון

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Beginning of new Hebrew month of Sivan. Sivan is the 3rd month of the Hebrew year. Corresponds to May or June on the Gregorian calendar.

At the head start of each month, I usually like to read about Jewish History, we are reviewing the Sivan in Jewish History.

Hebrew Month of Sivan

Like all of the other months in the Hebrew calendar, Sivan is the Babylonian name of the month. It roughly means ‘season’ or ‘time’ and contains 30 days.

Sivan contains the festival of Shavuot which literally means ‘weeks’ and is the time when the Jewish people received the Torah from Moses at Mount Sinai. This occurs on the 6th Sivan.

a) Another interesting event which took place during the month of Sivan was that the floods of Noach stopped and the waters started to recede.

Sivan is also used as a girl’s name in Israel.



b) Events that happen during the month of Sivan, Please see (



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