The Reprobate Mind

What is a reprobate mind? By definition, A “Reprobate Mind is a term used in the religious sector to describe a person or people who has been rejected by Yahweh. This person or people have chosen to disregard the will of Yahweh. Because this person or people refuse to walk a righteous life. Yahweh rejects him. Yahweh no longer extends His grace, but turns them over to their lustful desires. These people are deemed wicked”.

We know that there are those who do not believe in YHVH, who accept religion and tradition, and have their own views as to what a righteous life is and our society have those who are narcissistic, they love self and all that the world has to offer. However, it should be asked, what kind of individuals have lustful desires; does self-interest occupy the thoughts of their minds? When asking these questions we must examine the meaning of self-interest. A selfish person is one whos own interest, pleasure or advantage, or personal feelings is so important that they can become characterized as a self-seeking person.

Therefore, can we conclude that seffishness can cause the mind to become corrupt, degenerate, foul, and immoral, can we assume that people may find themselves in disgrace and perhaps labeled as an outcast in society? Can all of these things develop into a degenerative mind; consequently forcing a person to become perverted in their thoughts and intentions.

There is a monstrosity lurking in the subconscious mind-set of our world. If you open your eyes, you will catch an eyesore of freakish deformity, and a overall grotesqueness of mutant behavior. If you open up your ears, you will hear the dreadful sounds of a society on its way to destruction. The enormity of its wickness is great. I wonder, can the selfishness of the reprobate mind be changed to an unselfish one? Or is the human mind dead?


2 thoughts on “The Reprobate Mind

  1. py thomas says:

    How true. The reprobate mind truly reflects when sin becomes full blown…it completes the work it began in the beginning, consumes, robs, kills and destroys

    • roberay60 says:

      Greeting and Shana Tova – Happy New Year – Rosh Hashana year 5774. Thank you for your comment. As you already know from scripture, Yahweh has given our society over to a reprobate mind. Those of us that follow Him are in our right mind and we must speak the truth to this lost and dying world. Shalom Ahlaychem – Peace be unto you!

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