I Have The Key to your Mind

I know you very well. I have been studying you, I know what you want, I know what you desire, and I will use that knowledge to destroy you. I will put my thoughts in you and watch your body, mind and spirit fall apart. I will use thought control to cause you to become obese, I will use my powers of suggestion to cause you to desire strong drink, I will encourage you to use your reasoning to justify the use of tobacco, drugs and sweets. All that you see and hear, you shall lust after it, you shall desire it and it will consume you and bring devastation to your fleshly body. (67)

I know you very well. You are born with a rebellious spirit. It is so easy for me to take advantage of you. I will have my way with you. I will work day and night to encourage you to eat the things that are unhealthy for you, I will encourage you to drink the things that are unhealthy for you, I will encourage you to become physically lazy, I will introduce various diseases into your body, and I will make you weak and sick. I have declared war against Adonai’s anointed, I will lay siege on the carnal mind, I will thoroughly confuse the double minded, I will constantly attack your defenses and communications, and I will put you through the fires of life. (68)

I know you very well. You are stubborn, you will not listen, and you are selfish. You reject the truth but believe the lie. I am the father of lies and I can tell you anything I want, and you will believe. I have perverted your thinking. “Does not the scripture say that Yahweh will send you strong delusions that you shall believe the lie”? You are such a fool, if you keep rejecting the truth, you will believe the lie. You lack understanding, you lack wisdom, and you will not listen to Adonai’s warnings. When you refuse to hear Him, you end up hearing me. You are just like me, “Condemned already”.(69)

I know you very well. You have fear, dread, anxiety, horror, distress, fright, panic, worry and concerns. I am your worst nightmare and you don’t even know it. I control you, I own you and I can turn you in whatever direction I want you to go, you are my slave. I am the unseen secret power in your life. You have no control over your thoughts. Your mind is full of trash and junk; your communication is wicked, obnoxious, nasty and foul. You will not enter Yahweh’s kingdom because you are my disciple. All of my disciples do not have their name listed in the Lambs book of life. You will die and spend eternity with me in the abyss. (70)

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